Owners/lovers of CL Laponos

  1. Hi, you lucky owners of Laponos!
    I'm dying to get one pair of those shoes, I love them sooo much! :love: You who already have a pair, would you send pictures of yours? And also tell where you bought them and how much did you pay for them.

    Also any nice pics of Laponos are welcome, yours or someone elses :smile:
  2. I had them and found they ran like a size to a size and half small so be aware of this when ordering. Unfortunately as I wear a 42 and a 43 or 43.5 was not an option I am out of luck with getting this style :sad:
    They are fab though.
  3. Chantel - the lapano has recently been marked down online and in most stores (exception is Barneys). I think they are now $540 or so.
    I tried these on and had to size up 1 size from my usual CL size. Which means I normally wear a size 8 in US sizes, a 39 in Louboutins, and in the Lapano, I tried a 40! Keep this in mind...I have a pretty wide foot so it could be because this shoe is cut very narrow.
    But I do love them, they are especially delicious in black patent.
  4. I just got mine in black suede. I'm a US 7.5 and typical EU 38 (occasionally 37.5) I got them in 38, not being able to try them on beforehand so I was afraid they'd be really small after reading comments here. They are snug, a 38.5 would have been better, but after just wearing them around the house, they are already stretching. I put on a knee-high nylon and they fit fine (I'll wear them more with jeans than dresses and skirts). They're hot!
  5. Ugh! Now I know how it feels to be sick to your stomach over a purchase. I bought my lapanos LESS THAN A WEEK AGO for $770! I love them, and they are fabulous shoes in an extremely rare color (beige vegetable) but damn, that hurts! They're in the mail on their way to me right now. I should have pictures by the beginning of next week.
  6. Thanks for asnwers, I'm gonna be in trouble when choosing a size :nuts: I really love this shoe in blue patent! It's so hot and so unique (in my opinion) I want them soooo badly :drool: I envy you girls who have them!
  7. I'm lusting after the blue patent as well, they look so unique and I'm dreaming of them spicing up a black outfit. The only thing stopping me (apart from my recent LV purchases :sweatdrop:) is that I wouldn't be sure of what kind of purse to use with them.
    Ideas would be welcome from any owner/lover :yes:
  8. You could use any simple black handbag, or a French Blue Bbag if you have one.
  9. I got the black patent ones during the Saks sale last month for $539, from $770.

    I haven't worn them yet, but they are very snug. I think they will stretch though.

    There are some gorgeous Gold leather ones at Neimans.com right now.
  10. I tried the blue patent ones on last week and could barely get my foot in it!!:sad: They are soo fab tho.
  11. I think it looks okay to wear them unzipped, if they're too tight.
  12. I have the black patent ones. Bought that at Saks when they first got them and now I'm peeved I keep seeing them on sale, but I love them anyway. I am normally a 5.5 and I bought a 6. I have narrow feet though. Usually I don't really have to size up but in these I did.