Own up! Apart from Bbags what else do you treasure? Other Favorite Things

  1. I was thinking what else I was really obessed with besides Bbags and I thought it would be neat to hear everyone elses 2nd obsession! ONLY ONE though so think hard! Mine is David Yurman jewelry!:love:
  2. I am really in love with Chanel flats. Beautiful and very comfortable. Love, love!!
  3. Photography- hence lots of expensive equipments!
  4. now :p chanel bags and DVDs, i love to buy DVDs. i love films, i always watched at least one movie per day
  5. mine are leather-jackets (designer only) and shoes :rolleyes: :supacool:
  6. I'm kinda passionate about good bedding. I need 500tc sheets, and quality linens and towels. Worth every penny I pay for it. No Target bedding will ever touch my bed, its like sleeping on sandpaper. ick.
  7. My 1st passion are my 3 dogs-1 boston terrier and 2 pugs, I'm seriously obsessed with my boston.
    Anyway, my 2nd shopping addiction to B-bags is long designer jeans. I'm 5'9 with long legs so long inseams with slim fits are a thrill for me!
  8. MUSIC:heart::heart::heart:
    producing it.. consuming it.. traveling around for it..
  9. LV's! lol

    food, doesnt' matter if it's junk foor or fine food. i love it all. beachy vacations.
  10. well im pretty obsessed with my shoes. my extensive Louboutin collection :party:
  11. My cat and two rabbits. I'd have more, but my bf won't let me!!
  12. Watches!!!!!
  13. Sunglasses!! :supacool:
  15. Well, I can't just pick one...
    -My cats
    I mean, I do love shopping, and would probably say it's definitely an obsession, but maybe not so much a passion...