Own more than one cles? What for?

  1. Just wanted to know those of you who have more than one cles what do they use them for? ..
    I have a pomme vernis one that I keep my keys in .. I REALLY would love to get a perfo one or a regular damier or mono .. but .. what would I use it for? .. sell the idea of a second (or maybe even a third :graucho:!!) cles to me ladies!!!
  2. I have the pomme cles too! Isnt it so pretty??! You could like use one as decoration on the front of you bag and like use the other one inside your bag.
  3. If you're carrying a small bag (like a pochette or mini pochette, you could use a cles to hold money!
  4. I have different cles to match different bags and outfits!
  5. I have pomme and mono, wanting to add amarante, but feel kind of guilty for buying another one! The mono/damier hold so much, but the vernis are soooooo pretty!
  6. I'd use all the cles at once. One for change, one for car key, one for all other key, one for cell phone(yes, my cell fits in a cles), maybe one for receipt:p. that was my crzy idea for you, but i am satisfied with my only cles, a mono one
  7. i have so many! i have them in damier, monogram, vernis, denim, damier azur, suhali, monogram mini... i just love switching them around!
  8. I have a lot of keys so I could see myself using one for car keys and one for other keys/change.
  9. i always find that my dollar bills get caught in the zipper :sad:
  10. i had 3 about a month ago, White MC, Pearl cles and Damier. I sold the white MC cuz i bought a Cozy, and my bf took over the Damier. I'm keeping the Pearl though cuz I love it!!

    I would have used my Damier for my keys cuz it can take much rougher use, and the Pearl I use for quick cash when I'm on the go...more delicate and dressy. I think two is sufficient for me, but I know others that use 3 on a daily basis!!
  11. I found the same happened to me with my Vernis cles. I use an Azur one now and have no problems. I can fit so much more in it.

    I have a Perfo one on its way to me and I want an Amarante one. I don't know what to use them for but they're all so darn cute!:p
  12. I have 9 (including my Cerises PMR) and I sometimes use them to hold a small amount of cash or change in my pochettes or as a bag charm. They're decently priced and really versatile, plus they're fun to collect lol.
  13. I love the cles but i only own a perfo one but want to add alot more.
  14. I own a mono, damier, suhali(white), groom, and azur. I switch them around depending on which bag I carry!
  15. :yes::yes:

    I have in vernis; bronze, indigio, red and fraimboise; charms taupe; mono; cerise; groom; denim; black mc, and white mc...whew...and I still really want the other 2 colors (white and pink) charms and the vernis perle. In the rounds I have groom, panda, cerise and the cont de fees (apple one).

    I love them, and always use one with my keys, I helps me not lose my keys.