Own a Mini Lin Clutch now!

  1. Wow- that's pretty!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm surprised eBoutique didn't get it yet? :shrugs:

    This line is starting to grow on me just a little... :confused1:
  3. It's so pretty!! But I really can't justify the price since it seems like a *special occasion* bag.
  4. this is the Monogram Satin line, according to vuitton.com

    the 866 said yesterday that it retails for $1630. it's already out in some stores and the 866 can ship it to us. it comes in black, silver and that brown.

    i'm going to get the black one:yahoo:!
  5. This is satin, not mini lin.
  6. WOW...that is gorgeous!!!
  7. Ohhh....I thought it looked like Satin:noggin: Sorry guys!

    The fabric looked sooo delicate:sweatdrop: and I agree it's more of a "special occasion" bag.
    John 5...."just a little":P Just noticed you've changed your user name:nuts::jammin:
  8. :rochard: :rochard:
  9. Gorgeous but too pricey for me! =(
  10. Not for me, I am too rough on my bags...but valley fair had them yesterday.