Own a Fall 05 black stam? help!

  1. Hi girls! I really would like to get a fall 05 black stam and I obviously can't buy it at a store and eBay seems to be a total nightmare. I am wondering if someone could post pics of their bag(kisslock, zippers, nameplate, etc) so i will know exactly what I am looking for and will have pics to compare it to. I know its a big favor to ask, but I am hoping someone can help me. :smile: I would appreciate it sooo much. Thank you in advance!!
  2. That is my dream Stam as well, because of the interior.
    I don't know whether people can give you these details as they could help a faker perfect their fakes? :confused1: But what you can do is post an auction in the authenticate this mj" thread...

    Good luck anyways, I would love a Fall 05 Stam!!!!
  3. I have done that once and the bag i bought was fake. I got my money back so everything worked pout. I think if I had pics to compare it to I would do much better and not have to post so many "authenticate this" threads. I saw pics of someones on here before but can not find it again.
  4. You should search the MJ forum, there are several pics of stams from 05 that members have posted. Near the top left corner, click on search this forum, and enter your keyword to search.

    If you ever see a bag that your interested in on eBay, post the auction link in the auth this thread, the girls there will help you decide if it's real or not.
  5. Thanks thiti! You are so helpful. I think I remember you saying that you have an 05 black stam. My main question is, on the engravings for this season, should it be dark?? I know on the new ones it is just gold but for most of the 05's I see on ebay the engravings are dark almost like they are filled in with black. Should this be so? Thanks a bunch! xx
  6. I don't have a black stam, I have the Taupe. The hardware is antiqued gold, so there is some darkness to the engravings, but not dark dark dark like it's been drawn in with ink. Most of the fakes have really dark thick engravings on the nameplate, it should actually be thin and slightly dark.
  7. Thanks again. I will post on the authenticate this thread when I see one that looks good to me. You're such a help to me and I appreciate it! :smile: