Own a Blue Perforated aged calfskin zipped shopping bag?

  1. I'm going crazy about the "Perforated aged calfskin zipped shopping bag"(A34244 Y04417 94015) for the spring-summer 2007 precollection since the day before yesterday. I just love navy this season, I got a pair of blue Antique effect boots by Anna Sui in fall, and now I'm in love with this Chanel bag.

    I called the Chanel boutique in here NY, the girl said they haven't get it yet, but it has been on the website for a while already I believe. So I'm not quite sure.

    If anyone own one like this, could you share more pics with me or give me more info of it? I really want to get it! :drool:

    Ok, thank you all ladies!Enjoy your Chanel!:wlae:
  2. I think I have it in a different style, if it's the one I'm thinking of. I did see the tote version in two different sizes at Neiman's or Saks just recently. When I called the 800 number about my style the SA also told me they hadn't received it yet but then changed her story and said it was already sold out :shrugs: . I'd try NM or Saks. I'll post a pic of mine, just to be sure we're talking about the same bag.
  3. Found a better pic...
  4. I also like this one!! I checked with Neiman, they don't carry the navy and Saks, they are sold out.....They have the black and white ones that are very nice too..but I really want the navy one...
  5. The Saks in New Orleans has it, their number 504-524-2200
  6. thanks Aikandy!
  7. I'm back!! Thak you all ladies for your help!:tup:
  8. I saw that one too here in Hong Kong. Most of the boutiques here in Hong Kong still has that style. The one that has a zipped top, right?
  9. Hi. I bought the black aged perfo flap but i bought it on January from my country. I know the style you are describing and it is fabulous but i have never seen it in person. I had a thread about it where you can see pictures and discussions about the bag: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/new-baby-town-aged-perfo-flap-bag-s-86763.html
    It is one of my favorite bags. The leather is so soft and the line is so chic and modern:heart:! I wish you good luck in finding a piece:wlae:...
  10. I have this bag in the navy. Bought it in Feb at the Chanel boutique at SH in NJ. Just started using it as my everyday bag last week and it is a delight. The leather is beautiful and the color divine. I love it. NM never carried the navy. NM at SH does have the bag in off white. Good luck in your search. I am sorry I do not know how to post pics.
  11. Hi, thank you for your information! If you don't mind, could you email me some pics? my email address is: sense-of-fashion@hotmail.com I appreciate your help!:tup:
  12. Thank you iqaganda! I do visit HK sometimes, if I can't find it here in NY anymore, I will try in HK one day maybe!:smile:
  13. Hi handbag addict!Congrats!The bag is very nice! Actually I saw the navy one in this style in the boutique, but I think the blue looks good in the tote style and the black is perfect in the flap! Wonderful!:tup:
  14. Hi iqaganda! Do you know how much is the bag there in HK? Do they charge sale tax for those luxury goods?Thanks!:idea:
  15. Hi everyone! Finally I bought the bag!I will recieve it next week!I would like to say thank you all for your help, especially MandMmom!And also aprilvalentine thank you for your pics!Now just hope everything goes well, I will share more pics with you guys then!This is my 1st Chanel!Haha,so happy!:smile: