Owl Petite Malle-thoughts?

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  1. What is everyone's opinions on this item? It's truly stunning in person, but is it too young looking? I'm turning 39, so want a piece I'll be able to use on special occasions for years to come (especially for the cost). I found this pic online, but on the final product, the nose/closure is gold. It's all sequins, and the blue/purple leather lining surrounding the owl is patent, not flat as it appears here. Thoughts?

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  2. It's beautiful and it's truly a special piece. But if you are looking for something timeless, I would not pick that. I would go for a more classic model.
  3. Thanks! Do you think someone my age could pull it off? As mentioned, it definitely wouldn't be an every day bag. It would be a special dinner out kind of thing. I've been wanting a PM and just thought this was so special!
  4. Also note that I prefer the special, unique pieces that not everyone and their mother has:smile:
  5. It sounds like you already made up your mind and you love it! So go for it! I don't think age matters at all with a piece like this.
  6. Thanks fabuleux!
  7. Yes I totally think you should get it for that reason. I find that I am leaning more towards the unique bags that you don't see around much, myself. Not that I mind other people having the type of bag I have but there is just something about having a more rare LV that I am really liking at the moment.
  8. oh wow!
    i love it
  9. Wow this is lovely, I have never seen it before. You should def get it, it is so unique and your age doesn't matter it will be a WOW piece forever.
  10. Thanks everyone!!
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