Owl Keyfob

  1. Is anyone looking for one???
  2. Why do you ask? I hear they're at the outlets!
  3. I don't know if I'm allowed to say this or not, i was at the outlet today and bought them all b/c I thought I'd try to help some coach gals out if you couldn't make it to an outlet and didn't want to deal with eBay:smile:
  4. There were a ton at my outlet today. I bought one because I couldn't see my life being complete without him!!! lol.
  5. even though im not looking for one....thats so sweet of you to do that!
  6. I may want one...PM me!!!!!
  7. Aaaahhh, you were trying to be suttle :graucho: How nice of you!!! I'm sure you'll find some takers!!
  8. Are we allowed to do this on tPF?
  9. ...Nevermind, didn't see she was the OP.
  10. I Pmed you!!! How much are they at the outlets?
  11. $24 :yes: