Owl Keychain??

  1. So now that I am wanting the owl keychain for my carly, of course you can't order them through JAX anymore, and my outlet had them a long time ago.. I am wondering other than eBay, does anyone have an idea of where I can get one, or have you seen them around at your outlets lately? TIA :tup:
  2. I saw some for $24 at the Wrentham Premium Outlets today. Maybe you should check your local outlet?
  3. There is an owl keychain??? Omg!
  4. Thanks for the info. I was just at my outlet (2 hours away!) and they had the monkeys and the sneakers but now owls. :tdown: The price helps me though, I don't want to get totally robbed!!! Thanks!!! ;)
  5. we have them at the outlet i work at
  6. That figures!! The only time I was at an outlet they did have them, but that was the Atlantic City Outet in NJ, and in October.
  7. Man.. you should have NOT informed me of this owl keychain. Now I want one for my new chocolate chelsea:crybaby: LoL
  8. Both Vegas outlets had a ton of them when I was there a couple weeks ago.
  9. oh man!!! it kills me that everyone is so close to those little owls!!! :wtf: And Vegas is the outlets that are 2 hours from me.. I was just there the other day, but no owls.. but I did only get to the south strip outlets. And I hadn't even bought my Carly yet. :sad:
  10. Did you ask them?? They were pulling out stuff from the back for me like crazy when I was there and even found the charm letters "K", "B", "R" and "A" that weren't out in the store. I was thrilled.
  11. No, I would have but I didn't know I wanted it yet :p I didn't have my Carly so I wasn't looking for the owl.. I just know I looked at all the ones that were out and they didn't have it.. maybe if I get back there anytime soon they will still have them. A girl can hope! :girlsigh:
  12. I saw them at Macy's today. Didn't check the price though!
  13. The outlet in Castle Rock, Colorado has owl keychains for $24.
  14. I got mine from my outlet in june or july.