Owen Wilson Rushed To The Hospital For Alleged Drug Overdose!!!!

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    Kate Hudson’s ex-boyfriend, Owen Wilson, was rushed to the emergency room in Los Angeles’ St. John’s Hospital by ambulance on Sunday, sources tell the National Enquirer and Star magazine exclusively.
    Wilson is being treated for what is described by a close source as “a very serious condition.”
    Police were present at the hospital and at least one well known Los Angeles criminal attorney was also there.
    Why is your attorney at the hospital with you??????
    The prognosis at first was grim for Owen but it has now been upgraded. Wilson has been stabilized and was just loaded in an ambulance from St. John’s and is on his way to another Los Angeles-area hospital. “Officially this will be called dehydration but we’ve learned exclusively that he will be detoxed,” the Enquirer tells us.
    Owen Wilson a hardcore druggie? We had no idea
  2. OMG no way. I hope he is ok.
  3. Just like the Rockstar song...havin' a "drug dealer on speed dial"...I hate Hollywood.
  4. perez is now reporting that it was a suicide attempt and his wrists were cut. SO sad!
  5. That would explain his messed up nose. I hope he gets help he needs.
  6. Wasn't he dating someone new recently (someone other than Kate)?
  7. Wow, I hope he's ok.
  8. what a shame!!!
  9. Omg I hope he´s alright
  10. I hope he gets the need he helps and recovers soon. It is a shame he must've been depressed and nobody noticed. I wonder if he has always had the condition?
  11. Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide, Hospitalized !!!

    Owen Wilson attempted suicide and was hospitalized, reports The National Enquirer and Star magazine.

    “He sliced his left wrists and took an indeterminate amount of pills,” the rags reported. “He was discovered by a family member who summoned help. His wrist was sutured and bandaged at the hospital.”

    This all went down around noon at Owen’s house on Sunday.

    Owen was stabilized at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica, Calif.

    A sad, sad day. Our prayers go out to Owen and his family and friends!
  12. Oh dear! he's one of my favorite actors...

    Hope he gets the help he needs... :flowers:
  13. I thought his nose was like that because it's been broken twice?
  14. I hope he's going to be all right. This is so sad :sad:
  15. Ugh...very sad!