Ovultaion test was positive... when should we start trying?

  1. usually we rely on my dr. to test us and tell us which days we should try for a baby. but because my cycle was off, i tested positive for ovulation today (the day my dr.'s office is closed - of course). this is the first time i've used the ovulation test myself, so does anyone know what the timeframe is to start trying?
  2. Right away! It means you'll ovulate within 12-36 hours. Go get 'em tiger:p!
  3. Within 12 to 24 hours!
  4. Today and tomorrow
  5. Get it on!!!! ha ha ha.
    Seriously, now is the time! Good luck.
  6. Good luck!!!!
  7. We are resting up for the 20th!! OVULATION DAY!! I so hope it works this time!! I would hate to have to take time off the forum for nothing! JUST KIDDING! lol
  8. Good luck sunshine!!
  9. Did not know you're trying! Welcome! :p
  10. What are the rates of false negatives on these ovulation tests? I don't think I have ever seen a real true positive (though I have tested erratically because those things are fricking expensive), even though my CF and temperature and other factors have indicated ovulation. Is it possible that I am just someone who produces lower levels of the leutein hormone?
  11. Your CM is the strongest indicator of ovulation. If its like egg white than you should get to work! Good Luck!!