Ovulation test question... unclear results?

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  1. I'm using the clearblue ovulation test sticks... just wondering if anyone has experienced a 'positive' where the 2nd line shows up only slightly and is lighter than the 1st line. The instructions say that a 2nd line that is 'as dark' as the first is a positive, but that hasn't been my experience so far. Anyone else that found the ovulation tests a bit unclear?

    Haven't really been all that great with keeping up with TTC (laziness on both our parts!) but I must say, even when testing for ovulation, the anticipation is tiring and emotionally draining! Especially when the outcome is confusing. :confused1: This is my first glimpse into what it might feel like to take pregnancy test after pregnancy test and waiting those excruciating few minutes for the results. And we're not even there yet - we're still at the ovulation testing stage!

    So my thoughts tonight are with all of you who are TTC! May we all have a happy and healthy 2008!
  2. Honestly, I have never figured those OPK's (Ovulation Prediction Kit) out. If there was a second line at all, DH and I would BD..then 4 days later it would still be there and we were exhausted (and not pregnant).

    I gave up on those a few months ago and I think I am going to try the CBE (clear Blue Easy) Fertility Monitor after I have my HSG test this month. That might be the way to go if you are having long periods, b/c it keeps track of previous cycles... but yes, it all takes effort and so much thought that it can be frustrating and nerve racking :hysteric:
  3. I've had a similar prob with the test, assumed it was a positive ovulation result..... and months later, I'm still not pregnant!!
    Today I am buying the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, aka The Bible in this forum!
  4. I used to use Clearblue Easy Read but it was just too confusing and too frustrating; is the line blue enough or isn't it...???
    Then I switched to Clearblue DIGITAL version and no more guessing! Either I see a smiley face or not.:okay: I highly recommend these ones!


    I'm also using their Digital Pregnancy test (with words Pregnant/Not Pregnant instead of +/-)


    They are expensive... I don't even want to know how much I spent on them already lol I get mine on eBay and save at least half of retail. Just make sure that they are not expired.

    Sending GOOD LUCK wishes to all TTCers! :heart:
  5. I also got the book mentioned before 'Taking Charge of your Fertility' and it helped me to understand the cycle and ovulation symptoms much better (even though I may not agree with everything that's said there I still found it very helpful and enlightening). :tup:

    By now I can pretty much tell if I'm ovulating or not (even without the tests) but I still use the tests to be 1000000% sure :smile:

    This book is definitely a MUST for every woman. No wonder it's rated 5stars by over 1,000 readers on Amazon.


    Happy BD :heart:
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  6. I treid themmyself with no success for a couple of months - each month the "happy face" was completely different, from day 4 one month to day 23 another!). Given my cycle varies between 28-31 days, felt I couldn't trust it them and the infertilty nurse at my local hospital said they were an utter waste of money as they were unreliable. She suggested making love every second day from about day 8 till AF starts (or not if you're lucky!!).