Ovulation Kits Work for You?

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  1. With my first baby we just "went for it" and two months later pregnant. With our second I tried the ovulation kits but I would go through all the sticks and none of them indicated a "surge" I used them when I thought I was halfway through my cycle boom got pregnant again. So here we are trying for our 3rd. Last month I tried the ovulation kits but again never an indication. I didn't get pregnant last month but here I am again in the "halfway" point so far no "surge" indication but... who knows. We'll see in a couple weeks.
  2. I always had a surge detected . . .
    don't wait so long to check. I started testing about 8 days after my period instead of mid cycle.
  3. Ovulation kits did not work for me and we tried to get pregnant for over a year while using them. I then bought the ClearPlan Easy fertility monitor and got pregnant on the first month of trying with my son. With our second, I tried using the monitor from the beginning and I got pregnant on the second month of trying. The monitor helped me in that I found out that I am in a small percentage of women whose ovulation can vary drastically from month to month, anywhere from Day 8 to Day 23. With my son, I ovulated and got pregnant on Day 21 of my cycle while with my daughter, I ovulated and got pregnant on Day 9.
  4. With me they never worked, never showed me ovulate even though I definitely did.
  5. I also had a surge but read that if you don't see an indication then it's not going to work for you. Maybe its time for the monitor?
  6. Worked for me!
  7. First time I got pregnant (last year) we tried for several months without knowing anything about about cycles and whatnot. The second time, I was more aware from this forum and bought an ovulation kit after many months of trying. Two months later, I got pregnant!
  8. yes
  9. They did work for me, but then again I am as regular as clockwork. It took 3 months of using them until I was pregnant. We would try every other day during the week I expected the surge.
  10. It would say I was ovulating each and every day of the month! :rolleyes:
  11. this forum just has so much information. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this mystery problem. I actually used all my ovulation kit, and not once did I get a surge. I'm like, wth??? Do I not ovulate or what. So now we are trying to get pregant and will start again once I get home from being away for 6 months.
  12. Mine sorta worked. I was using it to figure out how long my cycles were (they were way long and out of whack after going off the pill.) It went to the high fertility indicator, so we BD'ed extra starting then. But then it never went to peak fertility indicating ovulation, so I thought I didn't ovulate. I ended up pregnant that cycle, which was my first using it.
  13. what kind of ovulation kits work the best and are they expensive? can someone explain how it works/when you're supposed to use it?

    thanks in advance
  14. Worked for me! Twice! In the first month! I just bought cheap ovulation prediction sticks off ebay and started using them about a week after my period ended. I used them at the same time, every day, and got lucky both times.
  15. I changed brands every time, used whatever was cheapest as it gets expensive after a while.
    My cycle was anywhere between 28-36 days. So I always started testing 7-8 days after my period.

    I recommend strting to test earlier if you aren't getting a surge.
    Also, have any of you been tested to see if you're actually even ovulating?