Overwhelmed @ Coach Outlets...

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  1. Ok..so I am SUPER excited because we are headed to the outlet mall this weekend! Woot! We only get to go about once a year (it's almost 5 hours from my home). Yeah I live in the middle of NOWHERE...

    anyways...so anytime I go I get like super overwhelmed. I feel like my eyes are just wondering around looking at all of the goodies. It's almost as if there is no one else in the store. I completly don't pay attention to my sorroundings because I have like this one track mind while I'm "On the Hunt".

    Does anyone else get overwhelmed when they set foot in the Coach Outlet?

    Ohhh...I can't wait!!!! Im so excited. Might even have to do a reveal. I plan to spend some $$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting and waiting for weeks.
  2. Which one are you heading to?
  3. It's the Tanger Outlet Center in Williamsburg, Iowa. I'd be suprised if anyone on here has ever been. Like I said, I live in the middle of nowhere. lol.
  4. Sounds like fun, are they the ones participating in the Breast Cancer discounts?
  5. I only get to visit an outlet once a year when we are on vacation. I get so excited I hyperventilate and feel like I am going to pass out. It's just so weird to get that excited over handbags. But I can't help it.
  6. Yes they are a an extra 25% off! woot
  7. YES....I get that overwhelmed every week when I go...lol...have to tell myself to slow down breath, remember you can't buy everything....its crazy!! :smile:
    I hope you enjoy your much anticipated trip and find lots of really fun stuff, we wanna see what you get too!! :smile:
  8. Oh yeah it can be overwhelming. I completely understand because I live about 3 hours from mine and get to go once a year. That's why I stay at least an hour when I do get to go! lol-I always stay that long just in case I'm not entirely sure...oh and they bring more goodies out while you're still there!
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    You show that you live in St. Louis; so do I. There is an outlet in Tuscola, Il, which is closer than 5 hours. Also Osage Beach. Both are 2.45 hours from where I live. If you live in St. Louis, you are definitely not in the "middle of nowhere". There are 4 Coach stores here.
  10. I live in st louis. but i am iowa for the week. so what?
  11. There is nothing to be defensive about; I just said that there is an outlet in Tuscola that is close for outlet shopping.

    You said you live in the middle of nowhere. How is St. Louis nowhere?
  12. Because an hour ago, the avatar said she lived in Nebraska...
  13. Good grief.
  14. I frequent the Williamsburg, IA outlet...and depending on how long it's been sinve YOU'VE been you are in for a SUPRISE!!! The store has EXPANDED!!! They were in a temp location for awhile while the construction was going on, now they are back where they were but the store is atleast 2X it's original size!!!

    Sadly, I found that when the store got larger the FP deletes became fewer and fewer!!!
    I visited Chicago Premium this past Sunday because I prefer a flagship store!!!

    My advice....start in the back left hand corner, this would be the most likely place to find FP deletes!!! Also, ask the SA's if there is a specific bag you're looking for. I'd ask for Deanne (<---speliing?) or look for an older gal with glasses and red hair. She's been with Coach for I believe close to 20 years!!!

    Whatever you do, don't deal with Peaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck...and let us know what you find!!!!