OVERTIME!! What to buy?!?!

  1. I have opportunity to make so cash at work with overtime (they don't always have overtime we are understaffed right now) So Im thinking of taking advantage of it to get me 2 bags that I think I want the most.... White Ali and Whiskey Shoulder bag(older style not this new style).

    So here are my questions If I take advantage of the over time I have an opportunity to make 1,500 dollars in the month of June. I want Ali and the shoulder bag..

    but wait a second... I could also get Lily and maybe have enough for ali too.

    Will 1500 cover it. I cant find how much these are going for I don't know if I am entering the wrong keyword for these or what.

    Can you tell me how much these sale for? Do they still sale them in the boutique? (I know the lily is available at boutique or will be available soon). And what would you get... Ali and Shoulder Bag.... or Lily and Ali?
  2. That Lily bag is gorgeous!! You must get it!!
    I have a Legacy shoulder that I love and really want a Ali- so I'm no help there. I love all the hardware on the Shoulder bag so that would probably be my vote. Too bad you can't do it with the PCE discount- that would be awesome!
    Let us know what you decide!
  3. Get Lily and Ali!! I have Ali and love her!! And I would love the Lily!! Post pics if you do get her please!!! :drool:
  4. I'm not a huge fan of the Lily, so I vote for the Ali and the shoulder bag.

    Everybody is tempting me with all their Ali pictures...:p
  5. Lily so great.....can't wait to get her.:drool:
  6. I was briefly in love with Ali, but ended up returning mine. I ADORE the Lily! The price is outrageous for Coach, but the bag is gorgeous.
  7. I'm an official Ali addict, so you know where my loyalties are. Plus, you can get the two bags for the price of one!
  8. Are the alis still available through the boutique?
  9. My vote is the the shoulder bag and the ali. I have the white ali and love it!
  10. I vote Shoulder Bag and Ali :smile:
  11. I also vote for the shoulder bag and the Ali! The Lily is soo expensive, and honestly, not to offend anyone, but I don't like how much hardware there is in the front. IDK. It's just not for me, but I'm sure others love it!
  12. :yahoo:for overtime!!! And YAYYYY for the new bag!! I dont have either bags, but they are both TDF! Deff. post pics when you get the goodies!!
  13. Yes the Ali's are still available!! I'm not sure if you wanted signature or leather so you can click on the link below and it shows both!! If you get the Lily pleeeeez post pics so we can see it IRL!!!!

  14. Hi!

    The lily is really pretty but I think the price is too high and all that hardware looks about as light as my dad's bowling ball!

    I vote for buying the ali and the shoulder bag and putting the rest of the money in savings. Earn some interest and use that money to buy yourself another bag!:yahoo: