overstuffing your bbag?

  1. i'd love to get your thoughts on how many things you can shove into your bbag without warping its shape... it's been my first week carrying my city, and i shoved a bunch of work papers into it, and was worried about the warping at the bottom or the sides.

    is there a limit to how much you can put in your bag? should i think about sizing up for my work papers? :shrugs:
  2. i stuffed my weekenders a lot of time, but mostly with clothes, so it's bulky but not heavy.
  3. my everyday bag is a day. even with a bag that big i manage to stuff it because i'm always lugging cameras around. i've used the bag steadily for several months and it still looks fab...but then, the leather was broken in long before i started stuffing it. i think you'll be OK so long as your zipper closes!
  4. I have stuffed my Bbag with all my stuff, books, bottles of water. And its still in one piece and shows no sign of warping.
  5. I use the Work as my everyday bag (and city for weekedns!), and I always overstuff it. The handles have aleady stretched after a few weeks enough to fit nicely over my shoulder...
  6. Thanks lulunewyork, I was wondering the same thing. I think I might purposely stuff mine to get the handles to strech a little :shame: :yes:

  7. Great! I'm getting a brand new Work and I dread breaking in a new bag.......I'm glad to hear it only took a few weeks. :smile:
  8. I over stuff my city everyday - I like it puffed out!
  9. I usually overstuff my city but there's always room in my twiggy.