1. I usually get great service from overstock... they pricematch my purchases and ship items fast. I haven't gotten any handbags from them but their housewares are usually reliable. I recently bought some sheets and rugs from them.
  2. Well..I had horrible experiences with them. Based on what I read on internet review webpages, it seems that they frequently make shipping mistakes. There were several complaints about miss-shipping and the funnest one was a guy who ordered Tommy Hilfiger formal suits and received two bags of coffee bean instead.

    For me, I ordered a $800+ diamond ring as a gift and they sent us a $399 one. We called CS first and returned the ring with print-outs of their webpages that showed differences in the ring we ordered and the one they sent us. They still charged us shipping AND 10% restocking fee. After several faxing and calls for a couple of days, we got everything back but I was done with overstock.

    Also, I think there was some discussion here on TPF about authenticity of bags they sell.
  3. I've had great experiences with Overstock. The only time I've had to return something [Chi hairdryer was cracked].. they paid for the return shipping and gave me a full refund.
  4. I got a gorgeous Gucci wallet from them last year. It was perfect but came without a dustbag and was just thrown in the box.
  5. I got a great Fendi bag from them - fabulous customer service when I didn't have a tracking number.
  6. Everything I've bought with them, I haven't had any problems. I once bought a temper-pedic pillow from them and they sent me 2 by accident! So in my book, they rock!