overstock sells authentic?

  1. anyone knows if their bags are authentic?

  2. I bought a Fendi Spy from Overstock and I had to return it because it was counterfeit. But I can't speak for their other brands.
  3. oh wow. I thought that Overstock.com only sold authentic bags. Some of them aren't even discounted more than 10%. How can they sell fakes for those prices?
  4. beats me. but the public needs to be more awae of this!!!!!!!
  5. I've heard that they sell fakes and real bags.

    So basically I don't know what to think!
  6. I bought an authentic Chloe from them, no problem.

  7. OMG... do thye have quality control?:wtf:
  8. Overstock purchases a lot of their merchandise directly from manufactuers (surplus, defective, etc.) but for a lot of the brands they just buy them from company or department stores liquidation, downsizing, close-outs, and so forth. They aren't actually authorized retailers for most of their brands, which means I don't think there is any way they can 100% guarantee authenticity; they are basically just relying on their distributor to insure authenticity. Unfortunately I am pretty sure some stores end up with fakes without knowing it, so they are unfortunately passed onto Overstock. Basically it's a gamble, but at least you can always return anything that seems sub par or suspicious to you!