Overstock has more Chloes in Stock

  1. Are the bags at overstock real? If I am doing my math right, with the 10% coupon you cna get a paddy for about $900 including shipping which seems like a good price unless you can catch one of the disappearing Nordstrom/Neimans sales? Anyone order form overstock before and had luck? The red paddington is calling my name, but dont want to pay $$$ for a fake. TIA
  2. I got a Chloe from them that was authentic and I believe some other members here have as well. Depending on where you live you may not have to pay sales tax which is a plus as well and shipping is cheap.
  3. make sure if you purchase any chloe from here you know what they look like. I returned a chloe 3 weeks ago and am still waiting on my refund:wtf:
  4. I've ordered from them in the past and have had great luck! Perfect condition, 100% authentic!
    The problem with the sale bags at Saks, Nords, NM now is most of them have been thrown around or returned a few times.
  5. I have purchased three Paddy's from Overstock in the past. I've returned one, and yes it is very slow to get a refund. Just about took a month for mine. I did find out that if you return it with their shipping label it is slow like that. But if you send it out, paying the postage, it's faster. I don't know why.
    Anyways they are 100% authentic bags. Also bought some Gucci sunglasses that I took to get authenticated, and they turned out to be 100% too.
    I get a 7% discount through my work, for every purchase, that's why I tried them out.
  6. I recently bought a muscade zippy from them and it is 100% authentic. I will definately be uying from them again!!!!
  7. I tried them the bag was fine, I just decided I didn't like the style. They also give another discount if you open a charge with them. $900 is about right for a sale for paddys normally, the super low prices we just saw with Nordies and Saks of low $600s won't be see on diabro, aloha rag, nap or most of the other stores.