Overstock had new stock

  1. I want the red pocket paddy, but must resist....:sweatdrop:
  2. Should we be concerned about authenticity? I know they've had some issues in the past. (I'm just trying to come up with some excuses. Purse ban until the after holidays sales....uh huh.....)
  3. If it is free returns, I wouldn't be too worried. Can always check it out in person :tup:
  4. I've heard mixed reviews. Some people say they have gotten authentic others say differently. As long as you don't remove the security tag you can return it.
  5. :love:I saw that red front pocket too! I have the black one & am trying to resist as well.
  6. It is hard to tell what color red that is in the picture??? I haven't seen that color before but it might just be bad photography??? I'm checking out the two toned Tracy's. Is that one red and brown? Grenat and brown? Is grenat close to whiskey - like a brown and red mixed together makes orange?
  7. I wish they had the large front pocket in black... I Loooooove that bag:love::girlsigh:!!!
    I bought my large zippy from them and it is definitely authentic:yes:, so I would buy from them again. Not to mention you have 30 days to return as long as you don't remove the security tag.
  8. Yeah, very difficult to tell the color of red, looks like bad pic maybe... I'd be tempted though, esp with $2.95 shipping and free 30 day return....

    uh oh... wonder how big that bag is??
  9. Overstock calls the red front pocket "large" however, it looks identical to my front pocket paddington which is just slightly larger than the medium classic satchel. I measured mine and from seam to seam at front it is 11 inches long and about 8 inches high with a comfortable drop to carry on your shoulder. It does gap out a bit at the sides, which makes it look just a little larger. I think its a great size!
  10. Yep, this is exactly like the bag that I have...I didn't see the official dimensions at bottom: 11 in. L x 8.5 in. W x 4 in. H .
  11. The front pocket they have listed is definitely the medium! It doesn't have the extra buckle's on the side like the large has.
  12. I did have an authenticity problem with Overstock. I bought a cognac Fendi Spy and it was fake. Luckily I was able to return it and get my money back right away.