Overstock for rugs

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  1. I try to buy my area rugs from Macy's where I can return them if they don't work out. But I'm not really finding what I want for the kitchen there. Overstock has a good selection and good prices. And the ones I'm looking at seem to have good reviews. But I don't want to deal with paying return shipping. So if I do buy from them I'm going to just order one and hope it works out.
    Anyone ordered rugs from them?
  2. I have ordered three wool rugs from overstock and all three were just perfect for a truly remarkable prices (they were Guggenheim art rugs from Nourison I saved hundreds of dollars) and shipped to my door wrapped in plastic with absolutely no issues. I personally would not hesitate to buy from them again.
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  3. thanks
    I'm looking at 7 foot runners and most of them are synthetic but for the prices, I wouldn't have to be married to the rug
    There was one Nourisan that showed up but I don't think it was wool
  4. I've had a few rugs from Overstock and have been pleased with all of them. The two in my current apartment are of the less expensive, synthetic variety (vs. some of the nicer wool ones I've had in the past), but I still like them, and maybe more importantly, they were exactly what I was expecting based on the pictures from the site.
  5. after poring over photos on overstock for a few days and finally deciding to order the one that I liked best all along (an inexpensive synthetic for the kitchen), I looked for the same thing on Bed Bath and Beyond website. I ordered it from them for a few dollars less (with coupon). And if I don't like it I can return to store :smile: