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  1. Hello, fellow Gucci lovers.

    I just want to advise everyone to check the retail prices on Gucci items before purchasing them overstock.com. I purchased a classic waistbag from them on March 24th and recieved it about 1 week ago. The description had it priced for $469 (18% off retail). I hastily purchased because I missed out on a few opportunities. After getting back from vacations, I opened the package and loved the bag. However, I was so disappointed in myself after checking the retail value of Gucci.com. It was $455 (more than gucci.com)! And so, I contacted overstock.com. The customer service representative and supervisor refused to issue a price adjustment because it was over 5 days and offered me a $20 in store credit. I'm upset because I think it's fraud to mark-up retail prices to call it a sale. I am going to return it and get one from gucci.com. At least, I'll get a Gucci box with all the ribbon.

    I'm more upset with myself because I didn't do my homework and now . . . I'm sticking with Bluefly to catch to sales.
  2. good to know...i didn't even know overstock had gucci's...i prefer bluefly...thanks for the 411
  3. I prefer bluefly as well but I have seen in the past where a gucci purse was over retail..That was quite awhile ago though. Always do your research :tup:
  4. Wow, thanks for sharing. I hope everything works out.
  5. hey guys it's ALWAYS good to check...but keep in mind that they are NOT liable for your mistake

    i know it sucks that they are charging more than retail, but that is there right....it's kind of the same as buying a bag that is limited edition and marking it up because everyone wants it!

    so this is an AWESOME thread telling people to WATCH OUT and double check their purchases....but again it is not illegal on the part of the website :smile:

    (sucks huh!)
  6. I would definately send it back to overstock. I'm sure you saved a little bit on shipping and taxes, but I think gucci.com was having free shipping sometime this week. BF is great for gucci sales. Especially with no tax and sometimes free shipping!!! Oh and also extra 10% off somtimes too.
  7. Yes, I would send it back, and when you DO order it from GUCCI I would let them know what happened. I know it's not illegal, but it's still unethical... yes, they CAN mark up the prices but they CAN'T lie about the "retail" if you ask me... THAT'S the part that I think isn't fair. Do they take returns? I've never bought from overstock but I do love bluefly...
  8. Be careful with purchases from overstock.com. I bought a black Britt hobo from them once & as good as it looked, it was a fake!
  9. If I'm not mistaken, overstock charges a restocking fee....you should ask first before you return it because it may end up costing you more in the end to return it than to keep it.

  10. I am shocked that you got a fake bag. I have purchased some of my handbags from them and I have not had a problem with authenticity.
  11. Are bluefly bags authentic? I heard somewhere that they were in trouble for selling fake balenciaga bags?
  12. yes bluefly is authentic.
  13. do overstock.com post to australia?
  14. coco, did you check out their website? Lemme know what you find out.
  15. Yes, overstock.com said that the return wouldn't be a problem . . . just as long as the red security tag isn't removed. I never carried the bag or removed it. The customer service rep has already sent a return label. He informed me that there would be a $4.50 return charge for using the shipping label. He also told me that it would that 4 weeks to process this return. I will keep you guy posted on this.

    Oh my, I'm certain its authentic. However, I'm not an expert!