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  1. Has anyone ever bought fine jewelry from them> I'm just wondering about the quality--are these seconds, or display pieces? Does anyone know?

  2. Crappy, crappy quality. The stuff is new, but it's mostly made in China and very cheap. Plus, they are a NIGHTMARE to deal with if you need to make a return.

    I ordered a ring from them that was supposedly solid yellow gold and after wearing it a few weeks, the "gold" rubbed off, revealing some kind of cheap metal underneath.

    Another time, I ordered a necklace and they sent a completely different cheaper one. I contacted CS and they told me they'd have to charge me return shipping and a restocking fee, which came out to the same price as the necklace. So basically my refund would be $0. I called again to complain and they said keep the other necklace, and they'll send me the right one, but I'd have to pay shipping. I hesitantly agreed and they sent the necklace. Two months later I got an email informing me that they had made a mistake and they needed to charge my CC for BOTH necklaces (one of which I already paid for). I emailed them several times and they didn't answer. I called them and they kept putting me on hold. Finally I just gave up. Overstock sucks!!! :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  3. Well, that's lousy--I had heard good things elsewhere. I usually like to make my big purchases in the boutiqe, but I thought this might be a good deal. Oh well.

    Anyone else?
  4. I agree absolutely with Claire... I have had terrible experience with them, terrible.
    Really bad Customer Service and the quality is absolutely disgusting, i bought a necklace off them and it arrived in pieces. Now i know it is also the postal service but I have ordered many items from the net before and never had a problem. I'd be weary if i was you, might be a bargain but if you need to return it your screwed.
  5. Well, I have order from them once and my ring came in good condition and as pictured. I did not have any problems with them. I guess it kind of depends. I would recommend that before you buy an item, look at the feedback the item receives. I have heard horror stories about their customer service though. I didn't have a bad experience, but see what others say.
  6. Good to know--I've checked a few of the MSRPs and they've seemed pretty legit, but $2500 is a lot to be off!
  7. ^^ Yea, I was about to buy a humidifier from them (the black penguin) and it was $69.99, compare at $199.99,
    but it was actually at walmart for $29.97 original price, same model.
    Amazon had it for $33. I've been wary of their MSRP's every since and recently saw that cartier one.
  8. I think it depends too. I have a pair of peridot studs in white gold and they were nice, never a problem. But, I did order a small diamond pendant once when I was in college for my mom on Mother's Day and the diamonds just clouded after about 2 months. It was a really good price, but the quality on that was awful. They acted like CZ, but it was only .20 points, so I highly doubt it was, it would not make sense, KWIM. Just awful quality on that, I guess.
  9. I've never ordered fine jewelry from overstock, but get all of my linens/bedding there. I've been pleased with the quality and the prices can't be beat. That said, I've never had a need for customer service so no direct experience there. I've read complaints about their customer service though many, many times, so I guess I've just been lucky to never need it.
  10. I've only ordered DVDs from Overstock and I had a good experience with them. Sorry to hear that others weren't so lucky. I have never considered ordering jewelry, watches, or designer items from them. I would rather purchase those types of items from authorized dealers, preferrably in person.
  11. How about buying bags from them? I am liking their Celine Boogie Bag.......$499! I thought the price is okay, since the bag has been for a while, so it's not like something fashion forward. But I luv luv luv it.
  12. overstock stucks, simply because I ordered a necklace over 6 months ago, never recieved it , they didnt want to refund me the money so after weeks of constantly calling, getting transferred, and hung up on they refunded my money. huge waste of time.
  13. my mom ordered a tahitian pearl pendant and it was nice. even a bit bigger than we thought. so good experience here.
  14. I got a silver cz bracelet before and it made me itchy lol.. i am allergic to cheap silver =(