overstock.com whatches and jewelry

  1. hello ..

    is overstock ( the site not the auction ) sell real whatches and jewelry or fake ??

    thanks :heart:
  2. i have not bought from them but since no one else has chimed in i will tell you that on another site someone bought a cartier watch from them and had it authenticated at cartier.
  3. I've seen a mix. They supposedly chacked down on replicas things but I would still watch out. Make sure there is a guarantee or you pay with a credit card so you have something to fall back on just in case.
  4. thanks so much :flowers:
  5. I have not bought jewelry from them but I have bought designer clothes, all real. You just need to be aware that if you return it there is a restocking fee of 20% of purchase price and that can get real expensive with jewelry
  6. Overstock.com is real, but stay far away from Overstock Auctions. That's where the fakes are. I've bought watches from Overstock.com and they were real.
  7. I heard a story about a guy who bought something from overstock. Apparently he tried to return it and couldn't because they're in bankruptcy and don't have to accept returns? I'm not sure how true this is...
  8. I've heard that overstockDOTcom is real but a lot of the items in the auctions are fake.
  9. :sad: wow, i never knew that they had some replicas. that's kind of alarming because i almost bought a movado watch for my bf there. i would def. not have felt good after reading this. but good thing i bought it from movado boutique 15% off sale baby!!!!:yahoo: