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    Jimmy Choo Burgundy Ramona Leather Shoulder Bag
    Our Price: $1,999.99

    Compare at: $3,400.00
    Savings: 41% off

    This looks funky to me and it's listed at $3400 retail, selling for $2000. What do you guys think-I don't remember ever seeing this bag retailing that high!!! ($3400) It doesn't seem like any sale to me! :shrugs:
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  2. The price might be all right. But I've heard that Overstock.com inflates the original price to give customers impression that they are getting a good deal.
  3. This Bottege Veneta slone is $300 less at Overstock website
    Bottega Veneta
    cream woven leather 'Sloane' satchel

    retail value: $2,250.00
    bluefly: $1,800.00
    bluefly: $1,800.00
    you save 20% (in stock now)

    Bottega Veneta Ivory Leather Woven Hobo Bag

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    • <LI class=text id=listPriceNum>$2,250.00 <LI class=bigred id=todaysPriceNum>$1,499.99 <LI class=text id=youSaveNum>$750.01 (33%)
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  4. I agree. It was never that much! I am a J Choo fanatic and I say that bag went for no more than 2400.