Overstock.com : striped damask city $799

  1. If I hadn't just bought my matelasse, I would snap that up! Someone get it before I weaken!
  2. still available. Cute and great price, but I really don't see myself using it.
  3. WOW...i loved this design...
    I would buy it in a heartbeat if I hadn't bought two bal items the last few days(tztz shame on me...)
  4. Uggh, I have dreamed about this bag forever but when it pops up on overstock.com now and then I never have the $$$.

    Someone needs to snap this up!
  5. OMG. I almost bought it.

    Good thing I had a morality attack at the very last second.

  6. Ahh...finally someone bought it, apparently!! ;)
  7. so sad..It's gone..
  8. I emailed the link to my DH and said "Christmas present, please?" He called me right after and asked how much money I'd be getting from my parents (is it sad I'm 27 and my parents still give me money for xmas) and said to put some of that money toward it. I said but Christmas is too far away and they haven't given me the money yet. He was like "oh." A few minutes later it was gone after we hung up. I called him though and he said it wasn't him, but that would be awesome if it was! :sweatdrop: I can wish huh? He usually stays far away from buying me bags though and supposedly already bought me a dirt bike. :shame:
  9. I just love the damask striped bag but I KNOW I would get it sooo dirty. Can't believe it was on overstock !
  10. So many people were looking for this, I hope a lucky tPFer got it.
  11. ahhhh sooooo hottttttttt
  12. Oh!! I was away from my computer all day! :sad: I would have loved this bag! and it seems like such a collector's item. I wonder if anyone here got it?
    kirsten: it's not sad still getting cash for Xmas.. I'm alot older than you and that's what I get and it's the perfect gift because then I could get another bbag! (or more like a coin purse :shame: )
  13. Perfect end to a perfect day (dripping with sarcasm).

    I was out shopping all day yesterday (something I never do!!!) and found NOTHING.

    But I missed this.


    The last time a damask came up on O I was like 10 seconds behind the original post and it was gone. Then the buyer sold it on eBay weeks later for double the price :push:

    Pity Party, table for one???

  14. Is that a pug I spy in your avatar??? Two of my favorite things. Pugs and BBags!!! :love:

    BTW: I have 3 pugs. :yes: