Overstock.com has some chloes on sale

  1. Hi all,

    Overstock.com (link below) has some Chloes on sale. They have some Tracys, an Edith bowler bag and a Paddington satchel. (all around 40% off, not as good a deal as we have been seeing, but still a sale.

    Here is the link that will take you directly to the designer bags section. It's long, but it works. I have bought from them in the past and had no authenticity problems.

  2. that chloe is a good deal - it's in a nice color too. does overstock usually have chloes on sale?
  3. I just checked the link, and the paddington satchel is sold. Did anyone here buy it? :supacool:

    They just added a bunch of balenciaga bags as well. I know a lot of people on the chloe forum like balenciaga bags too.
  4. Be careful, some of their Balenciaga bags had some authenticity "red flags"... I posted on the Balenciaga forum about it.
  5. From what I could tell on the site, they have a full 30 day refund policy. I don't know anything about bbags, so I'll defer to your judgement, but I have bought a Prada bag and a Fendi bag from them in the past and they were both authentic.