Overstock.com deals?

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  1. I haven't, but other TPFers have purchased from Overstock and claim it is legit.
  2. I've heard mixed reactions. One tPFer said she received fake Fendi Spy. I purchased a Chloe Paddy and returned it because the leather looked "off". To this day the bag's authenticity remains a mystery. Overstock didn't relist it so I suppose they may have had their own doubts.

    I recently purchased a Prada that is 100% legit.
  3. I've bought a Kale Handbag from them and Kale confirmed that the sold to them in the past.
  4. I have too been curroius about overstock.com and also smartbargins.com. I've never bought purses from them but I did by a Tiffany lamp and was satisfied.
  5. Smartbargains is owned by Loehmann's so they are legit. I have gotten bags from Overstock before-but not high end like Chloe.
  6. i purchased a small nylon prada bag from them about 2 years ago and it was the real thing, but it wasn't as "high end" as the chloe bags.
  7. Yep, that was me. It was a "good" fake, but a fake. I returned it immediately.
  8. I just ordered a suede Gucci Brit bag from Overstock. This is my first Gucci purchase, so I'll have to do some research in the Gucci subforum to figure out if it is real when it comes! I'll let you know what I think!

    Cindy in WV
  9. I've had mixed reactions too but most of the things I purchased were non-apparel items... so I can't personally vouch for the authenticity concerns.

    There are two reasons I don't shop there anymore:

    1. They have a restocking fee.

    2. I have had issues with them not following their own policies. I purchased something and it went on sale the next day. Their policy says they will do a price adjustment within a certain number of days. I contacted them within that timefame and they refused to do the price adjustment. I tried contacting them again and they denied the item ever when on sale (even though it was still at the reduced price). I was getting the run around and never did get the price adjustment. It was only a small difference (something like $10) but I don't like to give my business to companies that treat me like that. I would hate to see what would happen if some more awry happened.
  10. I have always had great service and great products from Overstock. Never a complaint, and I have purchased frequently from them! I purchased a Fendi chef bag from them, it was totally authentic.
  11. I've purchased from Overstock many times, including authentic Prada bags. I prefer them over Smartbargains.
  12. I just ordered a medium Paddington last week and they sent me the wrong one. It was a small Paddington in a close color but about $100 cheaper, so I have to send it back. The bag looked legit, with all the paperworks and everything but i don't know how good the good fakes can be.
  13. I have only bought linens from them, and nothing went wrong. But I had a friend who got a defective item once, and they still charged her the restocking fee when she sent it back. It took her several phone calls and e-mails to get all of her money. I don't think I'll be shopping with them much in the future.
  14. I've ordered a number of items from them and have always been satisfied. All of my bedding along with my lamps was purchased at Overstock. I also bought some Valentino shoes, at 90% off from them.