Overstock codes??

  1. Does anyone have and free shipping for overstock.com??

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a free shipping code for Overstock.

    Isn't their shipping really cheap, like $1 or something?

    But I do have this link for the "O Day" sale. It's 10% off all orders through 2/1/07 if you click through this link:

    Overstock.com, save up to 80% every day!

  3. You should look at ******.com to see if they have any free shipping codes. Plus you get 3 or 4 % back. Thanks for the 10% off link!
  4. Anyone knows/has a new code? TIA!
  5. Join Club "O" for a year at $29.95 a get 5% off all Orders also Google "Overstock Coupons" and you should find something