Overstock - black GH for 899!!

  1. Hi all,

    There are a few black GH city bag at Overstock.com. I know there are disputes over whether the bags are authentic... but hey! you can always return it! =)

    I'm going to risk it... yay! what a good deal if it's real!!!:yahoo:
  2. maybe i should risk it too!!!!!! ;)
    what a deal~!!!!!!!!!

    btw.. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THE INFO!!:drinkup:
  3. Thanks for sharing.. .they have 6 in stock~!
  4. I purchased an authentic Prada from Overstock. I say go for it!

    In the description of the bag, the color reads "grayish navy". ??????
  5. Maybe it's Steel....?
  6. 2 left now!

    i wish they shipped international.......i would have got one! oh well..

    Congrats to those who got one!!
  7. I read the description too and am hoping that it's a steel... gosh! what a steal!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!

    Also, it might take a longer period to ship since it's "from Italy" directly... it took about 2 weeks last time when I ordered the black part-time. =)

    So happy for those who ordered!!!:yahoo:
  8. All gone :sad:
  9. They are SOLD OUT :crybaby:

    But congratulations to all who scored one... what a great price!
  10. I was late reading this and all gone.
  11. I just saw it and it was sold, but why was it soooo cheap? Even the whistle bags were more. It's a newer style, right? That seems so odd:confused1:
  12. congrats to all of those who got them!!
  13. It was indeed steel and they CANCELLED my order du to an inventory problem, wth? I ordered way before it was posted here, the first of ten they had listed. I am PO'd!!!! What a great deal! Anyone else get their order cancelled or just me?
  14. How come sooo cheap ??