overstock auctions?

  1. I am STILL looking for a place to sell my collection of bags! I was looking at overstock.com0 has anybody had success or failures with this site?
    Thank you!
  2. As far as I've seen, there are a LOT of fakes on that site, unfortunately. As annoying as it is, eBay is actually better at the moment.
  3. I have sold on Overstock. 95% of items listed ARE fake, BUT what I sold was authentic and I did pretty well because its a novelty when someone actually guarantees authenticity on there! And they will NOT cancel your auctions for selling fakes, anyway, unless the reporting person can prove its a counterfeit. They actually suspended my account when I reported 90 fakes in one day. They do NOT want to hear it.
  4. Geez. I had no idea. I just remember doing authentications on the LV board and all the ones I looked at were fake. Yeesh. I had no idea they'd suspend your account for reporting fakes!! :wtf:
  5. As a potential buyer, I would avoid Overstock and that might mean there are lots of people like me who won't have anything to do with Overstock and you would therefore be limiting your potential market enormously.
  6. as much as you may not like it, eBay is still the best one by far.

    all auction sites will have risks and fees, but ebay, even with all the crap that goes with it, is the best one