Overstock Auctions, any thoughts?

  1. Has anyone purchased any bags from Overstock.com's auctions? I saw a Gucci Pelham on there that was really great and the price was reasonable (comparable to eBay $445 at the time it closed, one on eBay was going for around $420) but I was afraid to bid since I had not heard much about overstock auctions I just stumbled onto them. Any thoughts, comments, stories?
  2. :crybaby:Doesn't look like they ship to the UK :shrugs: or i would have had to spend some serious ££££££ i would like to hear off people who have purchased to see if all items were authentic because the prices are :tup:
  3. I think there have been some threads on this before, where people say that while Overstock.com is generally trustworthy (and I've bought two authentic BV items from them), Overstock auctions is not as good.
    Here's one of the threads, http://forum.purseblog.com/authenticate-this/overstock-com-185260.html but if you search for Overstock auctions you should find more.
  4. Thank Ladies...was wondering the same thing
  5. Thanks everyone for your answers seems the reviews are pretty mixed. I may give OV a shot and purchase something small like a wallet to see what happens. I am just sooooo sick of eBay so much bad luck buying and selling (sold an authentic chanel wallet, bought it at the chanel in chicago personally, buyer emails about a week after delivery and says that she had it authenticated and it was fake demanded a refund I knew it wasnt fake but why fight with a crazy person right? Anyway she sends me the tracking info proving she had indeed shipped and it was on its way so I go ahead and give the refund ($437) and when I get the box from UPS I open it and guess what? the box contained about 200 sheets of copy paper folded over and rubber banded together!!! which weighed about the same as a wallet! filed a claim with paypal but never won because the buyer had the proof that she had shipped me an item back and it was my word against hers about what it was she shipped I learned a lesson about trusting people I would certainly never give a refund until I actually received the item back! my first and last ebay selling experience)
    I just wonder if OV has some sort of better way of weeding out the fakes because one thing I noticed was that there was not a lot of the high end bags on there, ebay is absolutly saturated with fake chanel and I noticed that on the overstock auctions I could only find 1 chanel bag.
  6. I'm sorry that happened to you!!! Thats horrible!
  7. wow, that's outrageous! what a crook, I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you.
  8. Wow! That totally sucks!
  9. I would say to 'AUTHENTICATE THIS' with any of the Overstock auctions.
    I was in a dumb, sorry, state a few years back and spent $700 on a fake Gucci Duffel from Overstock Auctions.
  10. I'd say be very careful on Overstock Auctions. I've seen quite a few fake LV's. But this was about two years ago....so they may have gotten better. But I'd still be cautious.