Overspent lately --> which one should I sell?

  1. Chloe Sable Paddy

    Rose City

    Chloe Silverado Chocolate (all leather - and this pic isn't mine!! I found it on another site and it's the same bag as mine)

    Lanvin Kansas

    ONE of these definitely has to go. I have a lilac city on the way and think I really only need 1 bbag, I'm not much into collecting, but the rose is so pretty :cry: As for Paddy, is it too trendy and/or heavy? As for the Silverado, it's not much of a shoulder bag (esp. with a coat) so that kind of drives me nuts...but it's so nice too. The Kansas is super hard to find anymore but my sis thinks it looks like an old granny bag lol :lol: Darn I wish I was rich! :rolleyes: :graucho:
  2. Silverado is not a shoulder bag? Oohhh, I always thought it was. >.< OK, so that means one bag off my wish list.

    If I'm you, I would get rid of the paddy. For me, only the mousse paddy is worth carrying the heavy padlock around.

    [EDIT] I overlooked the Lanvin. Yeah, sell that. Heh.
  3. the lanvin is the one i like less....the other ones are to die for IMO
  4. I'd say the Lanvin one but it's up to what you love least among the 4.
  5. Lanvin Kansas or Rose City
  6. Thx Kathy but I'm having SO much trouble deciding I figured I'd get lots of advice. I am VERY indecisive. I love them all in their own way!
  7. I would get rid of the Lanvin Kansas-I like it the least out of all of them
  8. I think you should get rid of the Paddy, especially because it's such a light color. I know that personally, I would be paranoid about getting a whitish bag dirty. My second choice would be one of the Balenciaga bags. I definitely think you should keep the Lanvin. It's a classic.
  9. Depends on how much cash you want for each bag. To me, you would recoup the most on the Rose B-bag.
  10. Hmmm I've never liked the Silverado that much, so I say you should get rid of that one :P
  11. I think you should keep the Lanvin, too. The point about being able to raise the most cash with the Balenciaga is excellent, as is the color of the Paddy. My vote is the city or the paddy.
  12. Who could blame you for loving them all...which one is your favorite? What is your favorite color?
  13. Twinklette,

    Among the ones you listed, Paddy is my favorite (love the style & color). Next would be City & Kansas. You seem to have doubts about Silverado & Lanvin Kansas -- correct? If yes, they should go. I personally think you should keep those you love & wear whether or not they have resale value. That's just me though.

    Good luck with your decision.
  14. i think you should sell the silverado. but i'm biased, because i never really liked that bag.
  15. Hmmmmm....if one has to go, I would say sell the Rose City since you have the Lilac on the way and especially if you think you only need one B-bag.