Oversized wallet - keep or exchange?


Apr 9, 2006
Anyone a fan of oversized wallets? My fiance got me a Prada wallet for Christmas but its wierdly big - its not a checkbook wallet, just a regular wallet but bigger - supersized. I was thinking maybe it was made for overseas or something because when I put money into it, it sits about 1/2 way down, so I have room for oversized bills.

I feel a little badly because I was like 'is this a man's wallet' - yikes, I was just so confused by it. Anyways, this would be my everyday wallet, is it super mean to change it? Do you think it would grow on me? The only plus side is I tend to overstuff my wallets so this one has more room.

Apparently the SA tried to tell him that it wasn't standard but he liked it. Gah, I really don't want to discourage him from shopping in the Prada section.
I would tell him how much i love it and love how thoughtful he was, but if you got the standard size, you can use it more, in both your small and big bags.