Oversized wallet - keep or exchange?

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  1. Anyone a fan of oversized wallets? My fiance got me a Prada wallet for Christmas but its wierdly big - its not a checkbook wallet, just a regular wallet but bigger - supersized. I was thinking maybe it was made for overseas or something because when I put money into it, it sits about 1/2 way down, so I have room for oversized bills.

    I feel a little badly because I was like 'is this a man's wallet' - yikes, I was just so confused by it. Anyways, this would be my everyday wallet, is it super mean to change it? Do you think it would grow on me? The only plus side is I tend to overstuff my wallets so this one has more room.

    Apparently the SA tried to tell him that it wasn't standard but he liked it. Gah, I really don't want to discourage him from shopping in the Prada section.
  2. i love my big LV wallet PTI... it's huge lady wallet and so much use.
    but i change it to smaller wallets on night out
  3. show us a picture to determine the weird largeness? it was a sweet and thoughtful gift
  4. I'm at work so I can't post a picture unfortunately. Its like a normal wallet, just with bigger proportions. Its really taller than wide - if that makes sense.
  5. I would keep it:yes: It was bought with love and IMO that beats out weird size etc....:shame:
  6. Okay I think its this one:


    vs. a normal sized wallet.


    It doesn't fit any of my evening bags but I could use it for daytime. I know that I should just be happy with it but I really wish he would have listened to the SA who told him its a wierd size. I feel like such a jerk for not likeing it.
  7. personally i carry way too much to keep in a tiny wallet, so i love huge ones...
  8. I'd definitely keep it! You never know when you might be traveling where the currency is larger than USDs. Handy for receipts, too!
  9. Maybe it will grow on me and then I'll also need a larger purse...
  10. I would tell him how much i love it and love how thoughtful he was, but if you got the standard size, you can use it more, in both your small and big bags.