Oversized sweaters

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  1. So I'm diggin' the whole oversized sweater look - knit, warming goodness. Where can I find sweaters like this? And at a reasonable price? :graucho:
  2. I would try most high end stores' bargain racks. You might be surprised what you find. Maybe waiting until right after Christmas is your best bet, but if you cannot wait, be the first one checking the bargain racks at department stores (online at least).
  3. Buy People Style Watch...it's on the stands right now. It has a section on chunky knits and wear you can buy different ones. I love this mag!!
  4. H&M has a lot of this trend right now. Also, check out Nordstrom. I think Nordstrom BP would carry this trend.
  5. I saw a couple at forever 21, urbanoutfitters and anthroplogie. Happy hunting!!