Oversized Oak Alexa

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  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I'm new to this forum but was hoping someone would be able to help me.
    I purchased my Alexa last weekend, although I'm very happy with her I have a small problem which keeps nagging at me.
    The leather on my flap varies on either side, on the left it's very thin and on the right its thick(will post pics if I can). I've used it a couple times now and it has got to the point where the flap is curling over on the left.
    Has anyone else had this problem, if not do you reckon I could get them to exchange it?

    Thanks is advance
  2. Ooooer. The leather is uniform on mine. Photos would be helpful.
  3. My Oak Regular does not do this. I think whether they will exchange it depends on how extreme the difference is and whether you can demonstrate the curling effect to them clearly.
  4. I will try take pics tonight, not entirely sure where the camera is :s
    It's just upsetting me as it's my first designer bag and i do really love it.
    I've asked a couple friends and they could also feel the difference in density.
  5. Did you buy it in a shop? I think it will be easiest to get it swopped if you can walk back in and show them rather than have to send it off in the post.
  6. Yes I purchased it at the Brompton Road store in London, I'm concerned they won't have it in stock. Think i'm just stressing myself out far too much.
  7. Maybe you could ring up in advance, explain briefly, and ask them to reserve one for you?
  8. I will do that fist think tomorrow, I guess it is just me will this problem at the moment then. Wish me luck :smile:
  9. I am sure that you don't need luck. If the bag is clearly faulty and is distorting you are owed a replacement.
  10. They had the bag (well one plus one display one) in Westfield on Friday so if BR don't have it in stock you could return to there. Worth a phone call to see who has it.