Oversized Oak Alexa Update

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just a quick update, I posted last week on my alexa being faulty. Well I returned it and got a full refund.
    Following this I was browsing the Mulberry website when alexa came into stock, naturally I purchased it and it arrived today. I'm in love again, it's of such a higher quality compared to the last one. :yahoo:
    I've been examining her and noticed that this bag has a label that says "made in England" which the last one didn't. Maybe this is why the last one was of bad quality, anyhow I'm off to spray her with Collonil.
    Will try and post pics when my boyfriend gets in. :biggrin:
  2. Thats great news Cagla!! Really delighted to hear this......but not so happy at the continuing fluctutation in quality.....

    look forward to the pics!
  3. Thanks poppy!!!
    Will post asap
  4. Congrats on your new bag!
    I don't understand why the website has the bag available but not in the store itself and on top of that the SAs seem to dont have any clues when the bags will come in.

    I now have the OS ink in my basket, but don't think I'm gonna purchase one before trying it on in person.

    This is very frustrating, i'm waiting for it like forever now....
  5. Totally share your frustration! With the MASSIVE fluctuation in leathers it would be more sensible to see before we buy...why are these bags only released in such small numbers? The stores all have wait lists so any new deliveries are sent out to those on the waitlists and there are never any bags in stores. The websites get half a dozen and they go in minutes. Given the demand for this bag, why were thre not more made ready for launch? I guess your best bet is to sign up to a wait list and take a chance, then return it if it is not right....but that could cost 20 pounds each time! Deep sigh! Cagla, would love to see your pictures.....
  6. oh congrats!
  7. ok ladies i'm going to upload photos in a min, can someone help me with how though ;)
  8. if you upload them to photobucket (easy to open account there and free - just google photobucket.)

    Once uploaded on there, you need to copy the link below each picture and then in the quick reply box on here, click the insert image box on the toolbar, and paste your link into there. make sure you do not have two http:// bits and then you should be ready to go.

    Good luck.
  9. Oh, hope you manage to get the pics uploaded would love to see an OS Oak Alexa!
  10. [​IMG]

    I tired to upload but not matter how many times I changed the file size they wouldn't upload. So my boyfriend has kindly lent me his flickr. :biggrin:
  11. OMG just seen the state of my room and the bottle of wine :shame:
  12. OMG! she is a beauty! I Love her, the size is great and she really looks great on you!
  13. Thank you :biggrin:
    I'm very pleased, just mentioned that I want it in black to my boyfriend. He told me I need to calm down :sad:
  14. cagla that bag looks awesome on you! Congrats! You got really nice
    leather this time around. I want a Black one too! I seriously need to sell a bag or two. Congrats!
  15. Hi cagla, sorry to miss these earlier - went to bed with migraine but just taking a peep on my blackberry - gorgeous gorgeous bag - so glad u got a good one this time. Looks fab on you! Am madly jealous xx