Oversized Muse yay or nay???

  1. I really want to get a Muse but I'm really unsure about buying a large or an oversized one. I received my mini patent downtown bag :heart::drool:, am getting a medium tribute tote and want a muse but sizing is a dilemma. I'm 5'3" and have a small frame. I want a bag that is large but not HUGE - I'm turning to you ladies for advice :sos:... BTW, the muse will be regular leather as both my downtowns are patent, if that helps :smile:.
  2. Also, is Jessica Abla's muse oversized?
    Jessica Alba.jpg
  3. :tup: Jessica's is definitely an O/S and I personally like the look of the O/S the most. It's a lot of bag, but it really captures the distinctive Muse shape. The Medium and Large are lovely but look like a completely different bag to me.

    As with the Downtowns, I'd say it's about what shape appeals to you and how much bag you can handle. For me, the O/S would be the way to go! :okay:
  4. Hi Shazam, I wear the bag (OS) for travelling and it just great. I am 5'3" and small frame just like u ... just nice .... and agree with u ... Muse is much better in the OS ! get it !:yes:
  5. Hi Molls,

    Although I like the o/s Muse, I too am 5'3 and petite, and felt that it was way too big for me (it looks like luggage IMO). I ended up going with the large and am super-happy with my choice. It looks big, but not exaggeratingly so.
  6. Thanks ladies :balloon:. Now that I know the bag Jessica Alba is carrying is the OS muse, I think I'm going to go with that bag especially in regular leather. If I were going patent, I might go with the large, but I'm really in love with the look of the OS. I've also been going through the celebrity thread and I have to say that the OS looks incredible. I'm going to order one and will post pics when it arrives.
  7. What color are you going to get? That's always my biggest question when I feel like I'm on the verge of buying one. For straight color, I love the chocolate but then worry how it would work with all of the black I wear.
  8. I love the OS Muse...I've been thinking about getting one myself. I'm also 5'3" and petite, and have the Downtown tote (medium). At first, I thought it was incredibly large, but I have gotten used to it.

    Shazam - I think a chocolate Muse would like really nice with black clothes. I've always struggled with the brown and black pairing, but lately, I think if it's a rich enough brown, it compliments a black outfit. There are definitely lots of pictures of celebs out there doing that.
  9. Molls, ITA with shazam! ^^^

    I'm 5'4" and I've owned the Oversize for more than a year with no regrets. It's the quintessential Muse size.

    It IS a big bag, though, be warned. Can you try one on before ordering? Otherwise, I might suggest ordering somewhere that you can return if you have second thoughts.

    Here's a pic of my Chocolate Muse. It's a great dark brown color that looks almost black in some lighting, and as SuLi said, it can work with black clothing.

  10. I'm going to find out what colors are available, but I'm leaning towards chocolate brown right now :yes:.
  11. I have the Muse in the Large size (Taupe/Caramel) color. I actually think that the bag is too heavy for me if I put in more than my wallet and small make up bag in it. It's really all up to you though and what you will using the bag for. I think the OS is great for work travel and work in general. I only really carry my notebook size planner, wallet, and small makeup bag and I still have plenty of room to spare. So it's really up to you. Try them on in the store and see which one you like =) But like I said, the Large size is already sort of too heavy for me. I'm 5'4"
  12. Just wondering if anyone knows if the Oversized muse in black is stocked online anywhere? I haven't been able to track it down and am far away from a YSL boutique...
  13. I didn't see one available anywhere right now, but they did have one on Bluefly just last week, so I would keep checking their site for new arrivals because you could get lucky.
  14. I'll be at NM this weekend and have decided to try them on before I order one. Hopefully, I'll find a color and size I love and bring it home :graucho:.
  15. I'm 5'3.5" and the OS was too large for me, personally. I am very slender and it was so much wider than me. It looked like luggage. Love the look of that size, but I am very satisfied with my large muse. Much more suitable.