Oversized Muse for 15" Powerbook??? Which color is hot!?

  1. Hello@. I have been looking for a bag that would fit my 15" notebook for my daily use and came across the oversized muse in this forum.:love: it's beautiful@!!:heart:

    Do you muse owners think that this bag would carry well with some weight (notebook weighs around 5.6 pounds or 2.5kg plus miscellanous weight of cosmetic pouch, magazine etc.) in it? Would you think the bag would sag badly with too much weight?

    I am hoping to fit the oversized on my shoulder. And judging from the size of it, it looks like it was meant for carrying quite a fair bit.

    Also, i was thinking of getting the chocolate brown as it looks almost black and would be more versatile for work as well as casual?? I sometimes wear jeans to work.

    After seeing some of the fall colors that would be out soon, i am tempted to stray from the conventional.:graucho:

    What color do you think is hot??:lol:
  2. Chocolate brown definitely! Another member on the board got a square muse for about the same purpose as you're describing (laptop, work, basically it was going to hold a lot, lol) and I've heard no complaints!
  3. Thanks abandonedimages! The square muse looks so sleek and cute at the same time!

    I still like the curve shaped one better. More feminine imo.

    I have one choco brown one on hold for me at the store. I will probably pick it up tomorrow.

    What do you think of the orange and the taupe?
  4. I haven't seen the orange or taupe, but I think the two best are the black and ivory. They're classic and can go with anything. I love the chocolate as well-- it's so lush. Whichever color, the Muse is a GREAT bag and it is totally worth it. :smile:
  5. The Oversized Muse will definitely fit your Powerbook. The bottom of the bag will sag with weight though. The leather is durable, so I don't think you will have to worry about the bag not holding up, but you will see some sagging since there is not a heavy duty stabilizer running across the bottom of the bag.

    In terms of wearing the bag on the shoulder, I don't see the Muse as a shoulder bag. It will fit over your shoulder provided you are not wearing a heavy coat, but I think the bag loses something when worn this way. I will wear my Muses over my shoulder in the event that I need to free up my hands, but I prefer to either carry them either in the crook of my arm or in my hand. When worn over the shoulder the Muse gets a little smooshed up at the top and through the mid-section, yet the bottom still juts out since the bag widens at the bottom. You just don't see the beautiful lines of the bag when it is pressed up against the body. I personally think it loses a little bit of its "chic factor" when worn over the shoulder. I wish YSL would have made the straps about an inch or an inch and a half longer, because I don't think this problem would have been as prevalent had they allowed for a little extra room on the handles.

    If you want to use the bag as a work bag, or if you are planning on using it on an everyday basis, I would not purchase the Ivory. The Ivory is beautiful, but I think the Chocolote Brown would be more functional and it won't show dirt as easily either. The regular Muses are all made out of Buffalo leather, but I find that the Ivory Muse for some reason doesn't seem as durable as the darker Muses do. I have an Ivory Muse that I have yet to use, and one of the reasons that I'm hesitant to use it is because it doesn't seem like it will hold up as well as my Chocolate Brown and my Black Muses do. In the celeb shots the Ivory always seems to be a little more saggy and collapsed than the other colors do. So, provided it's not just my imagination, and if the leather really is a little thinner and more delicate, you wouldn't want to overload the Ivory with a lot of stuff because the sag factor would be even greater than it otherwise would.

    If you want a Muse now I would recommend either the Chocolate Brown or Black. They are both classic colors that you will be able to wear for many seasons to come. You will have to wait a few months for the Taupe or the Orange, and we really have no idea what they will look like at this point in time. We've all seen the pictures, but pictures can sometimes be deceptive.

    Good luck!
  6. I like the muse, but the oversized one on the shoulder looks funny to me. It kinda sticks out on the bottom oddly, and the strap is too small.. I think the oversized one is more of a handheld/crook bag.
  7. Thanks angstofgumby for the very detailed advise! I really appreciate your input in my dilemma. The comfortable factor on the shoulder is exactly what i'm worried about. I feel that my laptop along with the crap i throw into my bags everyday would be too much for the crook of my arm. I do day trips out of town and have to carry my bag, along with my notebook around. :Push:

    I had hoped that the muse would be perfect on the shoulder. I agree with most here that this bag looks best when carried on the crook or handheld.:sad:

    Now i'm out of ideas for a good everyday bag that would accomodate my laptop trotting life. I first bought a mulberry bayswater about two months ago as my work bag. I love the leather and it looks great. But it doesnt hold my laptop. :cry: I have had to carry a second bag with me everywhere i went for the past two months. It was fine for a while in the beginning, but frankly, this trotting two bags everyday thing is tiring me out big time.:cry: I have not been carrying my mulberry for more than a week now. Just my notebook case. I want to go back to carrying a nice handbag.

    Any advises for other nice leather luxurious bags that would hold my laptop and sit comfortably on my shoulder and not jut out at the wrong places? :hrmm:

    too bad the muse sounds like it might not work out. It is absoluutely gorgeous.:love:
  8. I just wanted to add that I carry my XL Muse on my shoulder 99% of the time. I don't know if it makes it look less chic - but it is more comfortable and handy that way.
  9. You're welcome, luna_. Finding a nice work bag that is capable of holding a laptop is difficult. Have you tried any of the LV bags? There are some nice ones in the Damier line. The largest Saleya will fit over the shoulder and should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a laptop. I think the Chelsea would work as well. The Chelsea is a little smaller than the Saleya, and has adjustable straps, which is a plus. Tod's also has bags that can be used for work.

    In terms of wearing the Muse over the shoulder, yes, it fits. But, for anyone in a climate that dictates that a coat be worn for at least one season, the Muse is not going to fit comfortably over the shoulder with a heavy winter coat on. There's just no way.
  10. First of all, Thanks again angstofgumby, i did look at the saleya before and although i loved the look of it on others, very chic and simple, somehow, i just couldn't carry it off. :Push:

    I went by the YSL boutique on my way home today. Brought my laptop along with me and a bunch of other things to throw in the bag.

    The bag sagged terribly with only one laptop inside. The whole feminine shape of the muse distorted badly whether i carried it on my shoulder, on the crook of my arm or by the handles. The base was not hard enough to hold the weight of my laptop nicely.

    The SA was really patient with me and suggested i try placing my notebook slanted and my cosmetic pouch, purse, diary and other miscellanous items to prevent the laptop from sliding into the center of the base.

    I tried it and it worked! The beautiful muse kept its curvy shape and i could fit ALL my crap in it, sling it on my shoulder comfortably and best of all, it looked fantastic!!!:biggrin:

    I love it!!:love: :heart: :love:

    Obviously, i left the shop grinning!!:lol: :P
  11. Fabulous news, luna_. So, did you purchase it? I read in another thread that you were thinking of Chocolate Brown. Was it the winner?
  12. You are absolutely right angstofgumby!!!!

    Chocolate Brown won hands down!!! The SA was so nice. She took out all the choco muse she had in stock and we choose the best looking one!! She taught me to look out for the different sheen and different leather veins and the consistency of the leather etc. :P

    woohoo! i am a proud choco muse owner now! :love:
  13. Congratulations!
  14. oh, i need to say this. When i was inspecting all the choco muses in the store, one of the better looking muse had a loose brass feet. it looked like it would come off pretty soon. What a pity. The leather on that muse was nice. The SA mentioned it will have to be sent back for repairs.

    Also, one other muse had a really dull-looking (low sheen) leather. no veins, no shine. Anyone planning to get a muse might want to take note when inspecting!!