Oversized Muse - Black or White?

  1. Hi Im getting a muse but cant seem to decide between the black or the white one? Im almost always in black so I can use both either as an everyday bag but does the white get dirt alot? Is it hard to maintain? And does it look formal cos I really want a bag I can use everyday. THanks
  2. white, its gorgeous!
  3. Tough choice because the white it stunning in the XL. But if you are already worried about how to keep the white clean, then I would choose Black in the Oversize. Have you considered the dark brown in the XL? That is my fav color in the XL. Let us know what you decide. :smile:
  4. In terms of keeping it clean and having a long-term "classic" bag, my vote is for black. The white is a great "statement" bag, but I don't think it has longterm staying power since white comes and goes.
  5. black is the all time colour...
  6. white ! don't be affraid to get dirt, coz now YSL launch the disstressed white patent leather for the fall edition. so easier to taking care compare to white leather
  7. i vote for black!
  8. Chocolate! It's the muses' best color.