Oversized Lily

  1. And it is on your wishlist :graucho:
  2. Hi all. Does anybody have a photograph of a large lily next to a smaller lily or a bayswater? I am considering buying a larger lily but have no perspective of the size?! Or even someone wearing one? There are a couple on the reference library but need further help. None of the stores near me have one!
  3. Hi all
    Does anybody have a photograph of their larger lily next to a smaller lily or a bayswater? I am considering buying one but have no sense of perspective! The reference library has a couple of photos but i need further help! Even of somebody wearing one or what they can fit in?
    I have a smaller lily and wonder whether it is too small now! No shop near me has a larger lily
  4. Whoops didnt think it had successfully posted first time round!
  5. It is.... and she is sitting in HOF Belfast at this very minute just waiting for me!!! :roflmfao:

    But I have a plan... I've ordered from Bond street and really want to check out the colour, but TBH at this minute in time I'm thinking that's not even going to happen because I ordered last Tuesday morning and I've still had no delivery!
    If that one isn't just right/doesn't arrive I'm going to go ahead and order the black from NAP... and then start saving again and hope to get the SBW in the January sales.

    Good plan ehhh?!
  6. I like your plan very much, although I will turn completely green with envy if you do get the black one!
  7. Sorry, can't help with comparison photos. But I tried on the large lily in my local HOF and can tell you she does have a long chain strap. I am 5'8" with a long back and she was perfect on me. The SA was drooling over her too but when she tried her on the chain was definitely too long and there isn't the option to double up the strap like on the regular lily....that's some information on the chain, hope someone can help out with a photo to compare sizes. :smile:
  8. Ooh thanks for sharing that link... very tempted now!

    I hadn't given the chain that much thought, I'm only 5"6 with a short body. I wonder if she would sit nicely on me.
  9. If I do... I'll post plenty of photos and give you lots of info to keep you going til you get yours! :greengrin:
    I'm such you have plenty of time, surely it's a classic so I can't imagine the line stopping anytime soon...
  10. Well you could always get one sent to your local store. I was ooooing and aahhhing over their book so much I think they got fed up with me and ordered one for me to have a look at, plus they never had one in the store before so they really wanted a look too! Big mistake because I fell absolutely in love with the style!

    Worth a try :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for the info! I hadn't considered the chain length either as on all of the photographs it had seemed pretty short! I am only small so this is something i would need to consider!
  12. Ooh what's the book like? If I go ahead and buy any more bags I might be limited to books for future purchases hehe.