oversized leather bag

  1. hiiii i am looking for a new purse. i love the balenciaga motorcycle one and the chloe paddington, but they are way too expensive. if anyone knows of any bags priced under $300 that are not fakes but have the oversized, slouchy leather bag feel. i'd love one in white, cream, teal, or black. plleeeeease help.

  2. I've become a huge fan of Tano.
    The leather is GREAT and slouchy and the prices are just right!
  3. I like the Tano Depeche. What about something like this:
  4. check Botkier Bombay tote at shopluckyshops.com
  5. Tano, for sure.

    Also, how about this Kenneth Cole?

  6. oooh these are really cute. thanks a lot, guys!!