oversized handbag???

  1. Hi I'm looking for a black oversized bag that closes with zippers and has silver hardware are more than one compartment. Not to fancy but not to casual. I need to to fit in the office place when wearing a suit but also jeans and a work shirt. Lastly nothing crazy with lots of front pockets simple but sophisticated.
    Hopefully someone has some good options?

  2. have you considered a Balenciaga Work bag? i love mine. only one pocket in the front and it is simple but sophisticated, like you said! :yes:
  3. What is your price range and what size are you seeking, i.e., what do you plan to put in it?
  4. price under $500
    I'm goin gto put everything from work documents, to food, makeup, a sweater, unbrella, water bottle
    size wise- a weekend tote almost the size of a small duffle bag
  5. ouch i dont know what you might be able to get for $500 but i will have a little look around for you!
  6. i have had a quick look on net-a-porta.com and i found lovely bag in the sale. it is a little over your budget but still close. it is a BE & D Brando stud pocket tote with 4 compartments. 2 on the front, 1 t the back and one main compartment. The dimensions are W-15.5/ H-15/ -7.5. I hope this helps and here are some pictures for you to have look at too.

  7. ^^^I agree. MbyMJ is going to be your best bet for quality leather under $500. Shopbop.com has an exclusive shopper tote (same shape as the Quinn, but bigger) and the Totally Tunlock Diaper Bag, which has more of a traditional tote look.
  8. I agree with the other members...the Marc Jacobs bag and hold all that stuff you listed plus much more probably.
  9. Go to www.Zappos.com and search for their black bags. There are many there with silver hardware under $500.