Oversized GST or Caviar Maxi?? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Ladies, I searched the threads and found some comparisons, but nothing that specifically addressed this issue. I recently purchased the larger GST in black with gold hardware. I love that bag, but how does it compare to the Maxi?

    I would mainly use these bags for work. To me it seems that the GST is a great everyday work bag and the maxi could be used for more formal business meetings?

    If anyone has both, could you please speak to this? Could you also please share the size differences in terms of what they hold? I would reeeeeeally appreciate it! I love hours away from the nearest store so I always rely on your advice for purchases.

    Thanks so much ladies! You all rock!
  2. I only have a maxi so I can't say how it compares to the larger gst. I do think the maxi might look a little less bulky on the shoulder though. how tall are you?
  3. Even between the regular size GST n the maxi, the regular size GST can hold more than the maxi.
  4. I have a regular size GST and a maxi . The maxi is my favorite . It is timeless and can be dressed up and down .
  5. I am obsessed with my maxi. Maxi gets my vote.
  6. I don't have a maxi but I have a lamb jumbo and GST

    I usually don't load up my lamb jumbo to its max capacity cuz it will then get too heavy for the bag and my shoulder

    While I can put more stuff into GST than jumbo, I also feel that I can carry GST on the shoulder or my forearm so it doesn't put that much weight on the shoulder

    Since you are talking about a caviar maxi which is way more heavy than a jumbo lamb, I'd probably avoid loading it up and pick GST instead for business meetings.

    If you don't feel GST is formal enough (to which I think it is), have you considered a cerf tote?
  7. Thanks for all your help ladies. I will use the GST for all things work and splurge on a maxi anyway since it is such a classic piece and I could still use it for cocktail meetings where I won't need to carry my laptop or many files. I appreciate all of your help ladies!