Oversized Green Clutch F/W 07- feedback?

  1. I am eyeing this fab clutch from Prada! :love:

    It seems, searching the threads in this Forum, that you gals are not that in to the huge clutch? But I'm guessing someone must have purchased one?

    I would love some feedback, if anyone has ever held it..

    Thoughts on the style are also welcome, I can handle it :graucho:

  2. So, has no one seen this bag irl??
  3. :smile: My mum has a dress made of the same material, it's pretty high maintenance, the thread comes off quite easily. Where'd you get this pic from?
  4. I just googled it! Ithink it looks stunning, but yeah I am sure it's delicate.. Hmm...
  5. I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I've seen it in vogue ads with the coat too. but don't know the name...
  6. Thanks;) I will have it tomorrow or the day after, depending on the Postal Service... I'll give my opinion, as soon as it gets her :yes:
  7. I really like the fabric (have tried on the coat which is a whole nother story and I am just waiting for the sales -- as I don't think they'll sell this one out) -- it's definitely unique. Post modeling pics would love to see it held.

  8. OOOOOh - where did you get it from?:tup:
  9. I just picked it up at the post office - and it is SO fab!!!! :yahoo::love:

    Jamisterok: I bought it pre-loved at a Danish auction site ;)

    Jenskar: I have only seen the skirt - and the material is awesome..
    I'll post pics as soon as I can get hands on our camera (BF got it with him)..