oversized Gauffre tote completely in leather available?

  1. Hi is it possible to buy the gorgeous oversized Gauffre tote with ruched leather rather than nylon?

    Does anyone know whether it's on sale anywhere on the web or shippable to Europe?

    Also how much does it weigh? Is it a heavy bag? I would like one in black leather.

    I sent back a MJ Stam I bought this week because it weighed to much for an everyday bag in my opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  2. let-trade.com does have one in black!! Good luck!!
  3. Thanks I hope you have a great time in France. I live there! It's a nice day here today. Couldn't find the bag.
  4. I've seen them on Bluefly
  5. Thanks I can't find the one I want. It is black and has a leather drawstring closure at the top. It is not a frame bag and it is not nylon ruching. It has the ruched leather all the way around below the leather pull closure (ie the closure becomes the bags straps). Sorry for my lack of correct terminology.