Oversized Coco Cabas Black Patent just in at NM for $995

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  1. Just got off the phone with my SA, Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy, MI. She said they just got a huge shipment in of Chanel, including the Oversized Coco Cabas in Black Patent for $995 (hope I did not kill the spelling on that :shame:smile:. Call her at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested, she is taking preorders now. Happy Shopping ladies!!!:flowers:
  2. Thanks Jag! Any idea if they have the leather one? Or even better, the lux bowler..hehe I WISH! :love:
  3. I wish I knew. Give Lisa a call though- she says they got a ton of Chanel in. Who knows, she could have exactly what you want- I am just too much of a Chanel newbie to really know. Sorry!
  4. Thank you SO much for postsing that!:yes:
  5. My pleasure Swanky!
  6. curious - does anyone know if they'll ship to Canada at all? Or has anyone bought something from the US boutiques and had it shipped to canada? Did customs charge you a lot for handbags? I've never bought anything over the phone so any guidence is helpful! Thanks :smile:
  7. I know that NM will ship anywhere worldwide, and i don't think you get charged extra for duty- just shipping. Call Lisa she is most helpful!!!
  8. thats jag :smile: ~!
  9. Does anyone have a picture of what this bag looks like? I tried doing a search on the forum, but I couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  10. Do you need if they charge sales tax when you buy out of state? Are there tow sizes on the coco cabas? please help, I want the smaller one
  11. I wonder if the patent will get really stiff during winter time since they are not made of leather.
  12. If you order from NM and there's no NM in your state, you will not be chrged sales tax.

    If you order from them and there's one in your state, you will.
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