Oversized Chanel 2.5

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  1. Hey guysssss...new on this forum...n loving every bit of it...
    im obsessed with the chanel oversized 2.5....but am having trouble laying my hands on 1....does any1 know if its still available newhere?
    pls helpppp...thankssss;)
  2. There is one on ebay now :smile:
  3. There is also the nature caviar leather flap coming out soon. Also large but with leather crossbody strap as well as chain shoulder straps. It has the Ccs though. I personally never liked the vynil fall flap you are talking about. Very awkward and vynil... But the nature flap I love and have on order. You might want to check out the big flap from spring. Hirshleifers is getting as well as boutiques and i think nm or saks. But otherwise there's the fall flap on eBay like jaded said.
  4. bloomingdales nyc (lex) had one a few days ago. I saw a woman trying it on, not sure if she purchased it/if it is still there, but it is worth a call if you really want it !

    I am with pls5, I am not a huge fan of the vinyl, and I also have the spring nature flap on order. But then again, I have fallen in love with bags that not everyone likes and get them anyways! sounds cheesy, but follow your heart because these are not cheap bags, and we must love everything we buy :flowers:
  5. If you are interested the one of the vinyl, I just returned a brand new one to SAKS NYC last Friday. Nothing wrong with the bag, it's just soooooo heavy.