Oversized Caviar CoCo Tote available

  1. If anyone is interested, Brendan at Chanel on 57th in NYC just informed me that they have 9 leather Oversized CoCo totes. First come, first serve.
  2. Thanks!!! Think I may just have to make a call.
  3. do you know if it is the smaller, or larger of the two sizes available? The smaller I believe is approx. 17" wide, and around $1750.
  4. The leather version only comes in one size, the smaller one.
  5. I thought that this was a really hard bag to get hold of?? Why do you think there are so many available???
  6. Does anyone have pics??
  7. Macp6 posted a modeling picture yesterday. You might want to take a look at her thread.:yes:
  8. Where? :confused1:
    I can't find it--can you a link?
  9. ^^Thanks! Oooh its nice. I likey. :wlae:

    How much is that one, $1750??
  10. I *think* around $1650? Not quite certain, since I don't want to lust after it (covers eyes).
  11. You're so funny! LOL. :lol:
  12. it is $1650, I ordered mine today from the Chanel on 57th.
  13. what is the phone number there?