Oversize Sunglass For Asian Girls?

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  1. I apologize in advance if this is not the best section to post this subject in but I couldn't think of a better place.

    So here we go... I'm looking to buy a pair of oversize sunglasses, but some look good on us asian face frames and some just look way too funny lol.

    I currently got my eyes on these two

    havana tortoise patterned oversize sunglasses

    Christian Dior
    brown tortoise print plastic 'Lovingly' sunglasses

    I couldn't find them in the shops here so I haven't had a chance to try them on. Does anyone have similar ones? How does it look on you? I'm considering Tom Ford too... My face is round btw, like this:smile: lol, my skin tone is a little bit tan (not olive since I'm Chinese). If you have any recommendations please post it up too!

  2. These are both beautiful sunglasses! You might want to post this in The Wardrobe section!
  3. When this trend first started I had the hardest time finding glasses because I'm asian and therefore lack a prominant nose bridge. I had to try on sooooo many glasses before I found any that fit w/o resting on my cheeks.

    I did find that most high end designer brands are not suited for those w/o a nose bridge. I've tried Dior (love them but couldn't wear them), Chanel, and Versace. All did not fit!

    If you have a nose bridge then both are beautiful choices...if not, then I would recommend going to a store to try them on before purchasing.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks girls.

    aliwishesbear- nope I don't have a nose bridge :hrmm:. so I guess that's no dior for me. I used to have a pair of gucci (got stolen) n they fit me quite well. I'm looking for a change but guess I probably have to go back to gucci.
  5. I know how it feels. I never wore sunglasses for the longest time, but reallllly loved a pair of Chanels, with the pearls CC on the side. Really popular one. I just had to have it. Well it sits on my cheeks but I still love them. I guess I should give Gucci a try too.